Camp 1

Jan 15 : We decide to go to C1 to see if we can get higher. Paula and MingTemba go along to get material from C1 because Paula no longer sees a positive sequel. Oswaldo takes his drone to film. Dawa C will join us at C1 as the fixing team remains in BC but thinks C2 is not feasible. At the height of the traverse, the snow does not stick to the icy surface, which means that crampons are needed. This was not the case last time, forcing Oswaldo, Paula and MingTemba to return. We (Stef, Dawa and myself) climb through what turned out to be a very tough undertaking because there is 1m50 of snow piled up.

Photos of the traverse where MingTemba and Dawa tried in vain for safe passage with snowshoes. Finally Stef makes the passage with crampons

then comes the toughest part, the climb to C1 with 1m50 deep snow that buried the fixed rope

and finding/excavating the depo 😅 + setting up the tents when temperatures drop far below zero

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