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Tough trip with heavy backpacks, but arrived safe and sound in base camp. We say goodbye to Oswaldo Rodrigo Pereira, to Paula and MingTemba, Simone Moro, the Alex Txikon team, the Sherpa Team and the kitchen staff who looked after us so well. From the day after tomorrow they will have bad weather for a week (lots of snow and wind speeds above 100 km/hr. Everyone will leave base camp again for an indefinite period of time (a method that was unknown to us).

Our return flight is scheduled for January 27. So we don’t have time to try again because after heavy snowfall we have to wait until the weather is stable. Tomorrow back to Samagaon and probably the day after to Kathmandu. We wish the remaining team the best of luck reaching the top and a safe descent. They still have the whole month of Feb to try again, but unfortunately it’s over for us

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