Ascent of Mount Ararat 5137m – west route 

16 team members of a Belgian group of alpinists opened the new west route on Mount Ararat 5137m for tourism. Mount Ararat is the highest mountain in Turkey and the Armenian plateau where, according to tradition, Noah’s Ark was said to have been stranded after the flood… Could […]

ManasluWinterExpedition – Summary

After reaching the fore-summit of Broad Peak 8035m in just 3 weeks during the summer of 2021, the crazy and ambitious plan came to climb Manaslu 8163m in four weeks… in winter. A plan with little chance of success but the objective was to participate in a winter […]

Back to basecamp

Tough trip with heavy backpacks, but arrived safe and sound in base camp. We say goodbye to Oswaldo Rodrigo Pereira, to Paula and MingTemba, Simone Moro, the Alex Txikon team, the Sherpa Team and the kitchen staff who looked after us so well. From the day after tomorrow […]

Exploring the ice-fall

After the sun had warmed our tents and bodies cold by an icy night, it was time to explore the ice-fall. Making a track again takes a lot of energy, especially when the morning winds on the coll try to blow you away. Arriving in the ice-fall, Stef, […]

Camp 1

Jan 15 : We decide to go to C1 to see if we can get higher. Paula and MingTemba go along to get material from C1 because Paula no longer sees a positive sequel. Oswaldo takes his drone to film. Dawa C will join us at C1 as […]

Re-opening track to 5300m

Jan 13 : Since a longer period of good weather has arrived, we can’t resist opening the track to C1 again and going to look/feel the condition of the snow because in our opinion the added snow turns out to be much better than feared . Oswaldo and […]

Back 2 basecamp

Jan 12 : We start very early and open the route again to 4250m. Then the Sherpa fixing team took over (without Pasang Rinzee) to get back to the base camp! A tough climb where it is clear that most of the snow fell higher up and when […]

update Samagaon

Jan 10 : We are informed that a “powerful” avalanche has occurred in BC. The kitchen tent – ​​supply tent and our tent are said to be damaged and the Sherpas are seriously impressed. Jan 11 : The weather is nice and we’re going to see up to […]

Descend 2 Samagaon

Dec 7: Bad weather / snowfall. Chhepal and Alex announce that everyone will descend to the village of Samagaon. A small Sherpa team stays in BC to protect the big tents from the snow, but the small tents are broken down. We are free to decide what to […]


Jan 4 : climb to lower camp 1, 5700m  Arrived in camp1 at 5575m. 🏔 The weather was beautiful, but because of the heavy backpack it took us 5 hours. Everyone is here now. Crossing to camp 2 was not yet possible due to an avalanche that had […]